Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'VE BEEN BUSY! (the Postcrossing edition)

Hey everyone... I've been pretty neglectful but I have good reason!
I just had Pete move in and the apartment has been a reck. We changed my room into a dual studio room and the other bedroom (previously occupied by my dill weed bro-dude housemate) into our bedroom.
Ah, yes! I'm quite the domesticated cat now.

Everything is (somewhat) back to normal and I can actually sit at my desk again. Get ready for some solid posts! And to get us started...

I just recently signed up for this cool pen pal sight called Postcrossing
The whole idea behind it is that you connect to people all over the world through sending them postcards. My initial intent was to create mail art postcards to send off, but some members who you may be assigned to have specific requests of what type of mail they would like to receive. 
For example: a member from China may be a 17 year old girl who signed up to learn about different countries or practice her English, so under her profile she might request postcards that define my culture or where I am from, i.e. New York City.
So, I've been honoring these requests... but put a little spin on a couple of them. Here are the first 5 postcards I've sent out so far:

I got them all at the MoMA after checking out the Claes Oldenburg exhibit. As you can tell, I put a little artistic flare with my letter press.

I've received 3 postcards from different countries so far! 

from Nan in China
from Kristin in Germany (my father land)

 And because in my profile I requested mail art, I got...
...this beautiful piece from Wilma in the Netherlands! 
I love it so!

xx a.j.

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