Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Computer! New Year!

So, because my Mom is the best, she helped me buy a new Apple computer for Xmas.
Yes, I'm pretty pumped.
Not only am I pumped that this is the newest computer I've had since 2005, but its got one of those sweet built-in cameras!
With... photo booth!

I know photo booth is sort of "last year", but I've never had it. So, I'm still excited.

Developing new types of performance art as we speak!
Kickin' it!

Merry X-mas!
xo A.J.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Weekly Dig Interview

Hey doodles!
Ali Jersey was interviewed this week in THE WEEKLY DIG about the amazing
Paint Pens in Purses Book Release.

I think I'm pretty charming in the interview.
So, pick it up and check it out the link!

Paint Pens in Purses BOOK RELEASE!

That's right!
The lovely ladies of the all female street artist collective
have put out a kick ass book!

And yes, yours truly is also in the book.
We're having a huge party on Saturday, December 4th at Good Life Bar, Downtown Boston.

Don't be a loser.
xo A.J.