Monday, November 12, 2012

Scrap Paper Comix!

I've been trying to save some of my scrap when I cut down bristol board into postcard size pieces... so I thought, why not try this...

Little doodles, but comics for sure. I am going to include these little guys in my mail art, so please email me your addresses at!


Mail Art! Series 1

Hello, hello!
So, I re-wrote my studio list for these winter months, and I am starting some new mail art projects.
My first series is postcard collages with recipes. 
Two things in one?! Art and delicious food?! Hell yes! And just in time for Turkey Day.
Most of these recipes are vegan, because I hate you.

If you want some genuine Ali Jersey mail art, please email your address to:

Series 2 will be coming soon...
xo A.J.