Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you want to see how Paint Pens in Purses created such an awesome POP-UP Gallery show...

The Phoenix loves Paint Pens in Purses.
And we love them!

My artwork (and me!) make some sweet cameos.
Cloud 9? I'm onz it.

Again, I got this non-photo blue pencil, and this was my first modest attempt drawing with it. 
I applied it far too hard, but now I know better.
This piece is about my heterosexual life-mate, Jessica.
I drive her around a lot, so it is mostly about our mini road trip adventures.

xoxo, A.J.

"Absolute Amazement"

I think jackalopes are better than candy.
I just got this non-photo blue pencil and I'm going crazy with it. Scanning has never been so much fun.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gabriel Felds

I have just been informed my Monday night yoga teacher, Gabriel Feld, passed away. He was in his 20s. 

Please, when you have a chance to say something, like how you appreciate what someone does, and how he or she adds something special to your life, do it. Because you may not get the chance tomorrow.

Thank you for everything Gabe.
I do like yoga now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guerilla Warfare

I'm going to start putting up flyers around Boston, so look for them!
Free comics!

xoxo A.J.

Big thanks to Steve O. from for checking out the digs and taking some photos of the Paint Pens in Purses girls hanging up our Pop Up Gallery art show.

Here are some pictures of my art from his website. Check out more highlights on his website!
I'm so excited!

That's me hanging up Molly David's work for her. She couldn't make it, so I helped a chic out.
PPP love!

Marty's Liquor Take Ovah!

Check out the POP UP Gallery at Marty's Liquor Store on the corner of Harvard Ave and Comm Ave!

The ladies are taking over everything!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stimulating the Economy: One Death Star at a time.

I thought this was hilarious. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This has been a public service announcement by: Ali Jersey

Now the ladies in the bathroom know NOT to waste water.

Narwhal enthusiast, A.J.

Ready, Set, CAT SUIT!

First off, sorry this picture isn't of better quality. It was taken with a camera phone, at 10 pm... after painstakingly working on the thing for ten hours. Thanks J Mac for the fancy camera phone work.

Second, it's DONE! 
If you'd like to see my performance, as in me in the cat suit, looking creepy and awesome, come to the MassArt Art Education Senior show closing reception in the Student Life Gallery on the second floor of the Kennedy Building. 
I'll post the date when I know when it actually is.

It's furry. It's soft. And, it's me. 

xoxo A.J.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm a fucking idiot.

On more then just one level, I assure you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eh, I thought it was cute.
Been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. School, internship, and all that jazz.
My birthday is next Friday.
I don't know why I create giant expectations for that whole thing.

Me: "It's my birthday!"
Real World: "Shut the fuck up. No one gives a shit. You're 23."
Me: "Oh yah..." (inner child destroyed)

What I'd really like is some pink pointy birthday hats and a unicorn shaped cake. 
You know. Like the good old days.
I hope people come over for a beer, maybe a hug, and a giggle.
That's all I really want.

I think I want to give a shit because this is my first birthday without my Grandmother.
No phone calls from the Navesink River this year.
I think that's what is giving me some mean blues.

I'm missing that feeling when things are safe.
Maybe I'm feeling this way because the seasons are changing...?
Who knows.

Yuck, forget it. 
I'm just being a complaint.

xoxo A.J.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Fucking Jump, Brad!" Funny Ad From Videography Magazine, 1990

A weird advertisement comic- hybrid I found while flipping through an old Videography Magazine from 1990.
Check it.  

"Wow! This place is a video Valhalla!"

Hah, oh the 90's. 

Some new work I'd like to share.
I'm trying some new angles... let me know what you think.

Please, I've been in much more pain then this.

A Wanna- be Surrealist Story
collage with pen and ink

collage with pen and ink, from a sugar packet

xoxo A.J.

Means of Accumulation

Some more work for the Means of Accumulation Show!
We're putting it up this Thursday so check it out at MassArt, South Building!

A Family Equation

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(Blank) Series Part 2

A New Romance:
a 7 framed comic from the (Blank) Series

The End.

I've been really excited about sharing this one. So pleased!
Comment! Please!

xoxo A.J.

Means of Accumulation: Exhibition's Class Show

Means of Accumulation is an upcoming Exhibitions show at MassArt, and the theme this year is math. Here are some pieces I've been working on for the show. A preview, if you will.

An Equation:

Mommy + Sperm Donor/ Biological Father = Me.

"Counting The Moments Before..." Series
Number of times I wished he was dead: 7

Number of times I dipped my pen into ink: 59

Number of times I've been called "selfless": 4
Number of times I believed it: 0

A few new pieces from the world of the Ali Jersey
Pasta Primavera 

Midnight Summer Slurpee

Dad's Plan


more to come! 
xoxo A.J.
Oh, God.
Adulthood is becoming bitter sweet.

I just finished my resume.

Anyone in the market to hire an eccentric comic book artist who is bitterly and emotionally effected by everyone in her generally normal everyday life, and envisions herself constantly wearing the skins of a black cat?


I'm not surprised.