Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you want to see how Paint Pens in Purses created such an awesome POP-UP Gallery show...

The Phoenix loves Paint Pens in Purses.
And we love them!

My artwork (and me!) make some sweet cameos.
Cloud 9? I'm onz it.


Chelsea Maida said...

Hey! I live in Allston, and been following your blog for about a week now. I was on the 66 back home, past the old Marty's and saw the show.

I really enjoyed it, it was real neat to see your work in person and what not.
Maybe I'll see you around sometime.

Ali Jersey said...

Chelsea, first off BIG THANKS for following the blog!
Second, I'm really pleased to hear you enjoyed our Pop- Up gallery! The PPP girls put a lot of effort into making that junky building a little bit nicer to look at.
I'm more then positive you'll see me lurking around the Allston area, and your support, and support for the arts, is so appreciated. Giant internet hugs!
Follow your dreams! And stay classy!

Chelsea Maida said...

Haha, sure thing! And If you're going to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (!) at NE Comics (Allston), give a shout hello, I'll be Tank Girl all day long.