Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cat Suit in ACTION!

My Senior Show performance of The Cat Suit

The performance lasted as long as it took for me to finish two pints in the gallery.
You can see that I customized the beer labels in some of the pictures.

I also had a statement that went with the performance:
The physical manifestation of this item proved to be quite difficult, not only sculpturally, but emotionally as well. The Cat Suit has been represented in my comics and art pieces as a figurative form of dysfunction and pain. The Cat Suit is heavy and overpowering, uncomfortable, not easy to move in, and embarrassing. These same characteristics are also my own personal views on what it is like to function in society and what it is like to exist as a child of an alcoholic. What has constructed my Cat Suit has been 23 years of parental neglect, emotional and verbal abuse, dishonesty, and a variety of events and moments no living, breathing individual should have to go through.
I just want to exist with all of you, and feel normal.

But sadly, I can’t. I never will.

Ali (Jersey) Nebel, 2009

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