Tuesday, March 31, 2009

(Blank) Series

Sometimes a couple situations, mixed with a suitcase of events, with a few jiggers of heartbreak, shake the very foundation of who you think you are and what you thought you believed in.
Sometimes, everything just goes blank.

The Warmest

On The Prowl

Seconds before I say, "I Love You": 45

Hugged and Kissed
(The Delicate Baby Bird)

(This is a fine romance)

2 Nights before this ends

Spring 2009


Kassia said...

Do you ever sell your stuff Ali? Because I really really like "(This is a fine romance)" (along with the rest, of course!)


Ali Jersey said...

Kassia, I do sell my work.. when someone approaches me about buying. It's rare, and not so rare.
Thank you for the compliment on the piece :D !
If you want to buy, it's totally yours.